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Vtion launches new product

  • Vtion has developed a new product called PCtoTV
  • Quick and easy wireless connection between computer and HDTV monitor of up to 15 meters
  • Sales to begin on April 1, 2011 through retailers in six provinces, plans for further expansion


30 March, 2011, Frankfurt

Vtion Wireless Technology AG, one of the top providers of wireless data solutions for mobile computing in China, announces a new product for its wireless terminal connectivity line.

The Vtion PCtoTV device is a wireless terminal that connects to a standard HDTV monitor through an HDMI cable. The device then receives a wireless signal from the user's notebook PC, allowing him to share video and other content on a large screen with others in the room. Common uses include both household entertainment, business/conference uses, and educational/classroom uses. The user's laptop connects to the PCtoTV device through a WIFI connection, and the laptop itself can connect to internet content through either a 3G dongle or a WIFI connection of its own.

Sales of the PCtoTV product are set to begin in the provinces of Fujian, Guangdong, Shaanxi, Hubei, Jiangsu and Zhejiang on April 1, 2011; sales will be realized through retailers and distributors of electronic products selected by Vtion for their professional sales approach, large customer base and geographically widespread sales network. The retail price of the PCtoTV product varies among locations and distributors, but is roughly 800 RMB. The company aims to eventually expand sales through retailers from the original six provinces listed above to an eventual total of 11 to 15 provinces.

"We are happy to add another product to our wireless connectivity terminal line," states Vtion CEO Chen Guoping, "This product offers a wide range of applications, including entertainment as well as business and educational uses. With the ability to connect a laptop to an HDTV monitor, we have enabled users to share content with a larger group without the constraint of a cable connection to the TV monitor. This product will pave the way for a future version of this product that allows a variety of devices, including tablets and handsets, to establish a wireless connection with an HDTV monitor, which we expect to release in the second half of 2011. We expect to see demand for both versions of this product throughout 2011 and further, though there are similar products in the Chinese market. We believe that our quality advantages, particularly in signal quality, image quality, and user-friendliness will allow us to present an attractive selling proposition vis-a-vis the competition. The release of our PCtoTV product is another step as we continue to diversify our product portfolio amid a broader transition in our business model," he concludes.

The PCtoTV device was developed as a joint effort between Vtion and its third-party supplier; consistent with the company's value chain strategy, production of this new product will be outsourced to a third-party manufacturer.


About Vtion

The Vtion Group is one of the three leading suppliers of wireless data cards and associated services for the mobile use of computers via broadband wireless networks in the People's Republic of China. The company also offers e-reader, 3G router and embedded module products through network operator and retail distribution channels, as well as several online services. For 2010, the company reached sales revenues of Euro 101 million. Vtion Wireless Technology AG shares are being traded in the Prime Standard on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with the ISIN DE000CHEN993. The company's ticker symbol is V33.


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