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Share buy-back program 2014

Announcement concerning share buyback programme of Vtion Wireless Technology AG

The Management Board of Vtion Wireless Technology AG has resolved to repurchase up to 1,329,849 ordinary shares of the Company.

The Annual General Meeting as of 26 June 2012 has authorized the Company to acquire ordinary shares in the amount of up to 10 percent of the company's current share capital.

The purpose of the share buy-back is to enable the Company to offer treasury shares to third parties as consideration for acquisitions of other companies or participations in other companies or for joint ventures or co-operations with other companies. The availability of own shares increases the Company's flexibility.

The Company has appointed M.M.Warburg & CO KGaA, Ferdinandstra├če 75, 20095 Hamburg, as its central clearing agent with the technical processing of the Offer (the "Central Clearing Agent").

Vtion-Shareholders may only accept the Offer within the Offer Period (from April 11, 2014 until May 9, 2014) by written declaration vis-à-vis their custodian bank. The declaration has to contain a statement by the respective Vtion-Shareholder on how many Vtion-Shares the Offer is accepted for. In addition, the respective custodian bank has to be instructed to rebook the Vtion-Shares the Offer is accepted for from the custodian account of the respective shareholders to the interim class ISIN DE000CHEN977 / WKN CHEN97 (the "Interim Class") with Clearstream Banking AG, Frankfurt am Main. A form for the acceptance of the Offer will be made available to Vtion-Shareholders by their custodian banks.


The following document contains more information: 
Voluntary Public Share-Buyback Tender Offer (PDF, 228 KB)




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