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Vtion Wireless China was established in 2002 and currently boasts Vtion Information Technology (Fujian) Ltd. and Vtion Software (Fujian) Ltd. as its wholly owned subsidiaries. Vtion is is one of the three top brands in the Chinese data card industry, a leader in wireless data service solutions.


Vtion’s strong position in the wireless data card and wireless data services industry is based on several important factors. First, Vtion is one among very few name brand producers of wireless data cards and also the only company that provides wireless data solutions through the innovative combination of wireless data services and wireless data cards. Second, Vtion enjoys strong brand reputation, having been recognized by the World Brand Lab (WBL) as the “Top Chinese Supplier of Wireless Data Services and Solutions” for three consecutive years. Third, Vtion has a strong market position and stable relationships with all three major Chinese telecom providers (China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom) as their strategic partner.


Vtion Group is pursuing the following strategic goals:


Tailored Products and Services

Instead of producing a standard product, Vtion as a small company is flexible in order to develop solutions that are tailored to industry-specific needs of professionals and companies. The company will use its close relations with the Chinese telecom operators for the sale of such solutions and offer a competitive combination of hardware and embedded applications.



Top provider of comprehensive wireless data service solutions

Vtion intends to position itself as a top provider of comprehensive wireless data service solutions in China, staying ahead of the market and continuously upgrading the company's value chain and integration capacity. The company will continue to be a top-tier provider of hardware in two main segments, namely wireless connectivity terminals, featuring products such as wireless data cards, routers and e-readers, as well as wireless intelligent terminals, which entails products such as the tablet PC. The company is also building up its capacity as an integrator of mobile applications, which it will sell through its own online store, as well as to operator-run appstores, device manufacturer appstores and other online mobile application retailers.


Strong Ties to Telecom Operators

Vtion will remain closely positioned to the telecom operators in order to take advantage of the growth that they drive in the market. By building up its capacity in both the hardware and mobile application spaces, the company is positioned to offer comprehensive solutions tailored to the specifications of both the operators and other business clients. For example, the company is currently pairing its tablet PC prototype with a self-developed application tailored to the insurance industry. This will eliminate the need for salespersons to carry numerous documents when visiting multiple clients in one day, while maintaining constant connectivity with the company database. Vtion will continue to seek out other industries suitable for customized mobile computing solutions.